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Welcome to Der Freiwillige Military Antiques! Our goal is to offer you, the discerning collector, a selection of quality, original, affordable militaria. We specialize in German Third Reich items, but we also offer American militaria featuring items from the Civil War era. We concentrate on normal combat awards and items that will help new collectors build their collections or add items to seasoned collections. 

We do not deal in fakes.  The key to getting what you want is knowing what you are getting. Please free feel to contact us with questions you may have about any item. Please see our Information Page for collector information and details about original Third Reich items.

100% ORIGINAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - You can shop here with confidence. We offer a 100% lifetime money back guarantee that our items are original to the time periods stated. If you're not satisfied with the authenticity of any item you order, just return it insured with your written detailed reasons for dissatisfaction (detailed description of why you think the item is not original) and we'll refund your purchase price (minus postage/insurance costs and credit card fees if applicable). Please keep your receipt for return; we accept no returns without our receipt!  If you wish to return an item it must be in the original condition as sold; items cannot be accepted for refund if they have been cleaned, disassembled, or modified in any way.  Please contact us first before making any returns.  Sorry, no returns on modern reference books!

Disclaimer: This is not a revisionist site. We offer Third Reich items for the serious collector of World War II memorabilia. We do not endorse or condone the actions or ideals of Adolf Hitler or the Third Reich.

Doing Business in Foreign Countries: We do not do business in, or accept orders from, the following countries: Germany, Austria, France, Russia or any other country that prohibits German militaria from WWII. It's not our wish to deny opportunities to purchase items, but the laws and customs procedures of those countries produce too many opportunities for issues with confiscated packages, local post offices delaying delivery, etc.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

Der Freiwillige Condition Ratings:
I     Excellent shape, best rating. No wear, damage, or missing parts. May show signs of age and/or storage. May or may not be in original packaging.
II     Very good shape. Minimum wear, no damage or missing parts. May show signs of age, storage and use.
III     Average shape. May show signs of wear, use, and may be missing minor parts or show minor damage.
IV     Fair shape. May show signs of heavy wear and use. May be missing parts and/or show damage and need restoration. May not have any original finish left. May be a ground dug relic where noted.

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God bless our troops deployed around the world, and their families!

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