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I have found the following sites interesting and valuable for German militaria and general WWII research.

"German Combat Awards"
The Internet's premier site for information on combat awards and badges of the German Armed Forces.  Very well organized and informative.  Premium membership gets you access to the best and most up-to-date information available on how to tell original from fake Third Reich awards.  Highly recommended.

"Wehrmacht Awards and Decorations 1933-1945-1957"
Another informative site. Includes clear photos and good info on medals, awards, war badges, wound badges, etc. of all branches of the Wehrmacht. Home of the Wehrmacht Collectors Association.

"German Daggers Dot Com"
Best site on the net for information on German edged weapons, Nazi and Imperial.

"German Uniforms Dot Com"
Run by the "German Daggers Dot Com" team. Good discussion forum on uniforms, equipment, medals and badges, and Lugers.

"The WWII German Helmets Homepage"
Good details on helmet construction and current fakes. Has a great Egroup discussion group.

"German Buckles Egroup"
A membership group addressing military buckles 1845-1945.

"The Third Reich in Ruins"
A really great site showing what many famous locations looked like 60 years ago compared with what remains of them now. The author lives in Germany and has extensively explored Third Reich sites.

Some interesting War Between the States sites.

"First Kentucky Orphan Brigade CSA"
THE site for information on this famous unit, its battles, soldiers, weapons, flags, etc.

"Battle of Mill Springs, KY"
Pivotal early battle in Kentucky, January 19, 1862.

"Enfields in the Civil War"
Informative discussion on the use and condition (blued vs. bright) of British Enfield rifle-muskets during the War.

"Postcards HQ"
Sales site with collectible postcards of all eras, with links to other dealers.

"Antiques HQ"
Listing of many antiques dealers, include militaria.

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