Der Freiwillige Military Antiques

Der Freiwillige Military Antiques

Der Freiwillige Military Antiques is a sole proprietorship. The owner is a retired US Army officer who has been collecting militaria for over 30 years. He lived in Germany for nine years, and during that time he had the opportunity to meet other collectors and German veterans and study many original items.

Der Freiwillige is an internet mail order business. We don't have a store operation. We have buyers and researchers in Europe who attend major auctions and militaria shows, plus make purchases in their local areas. What all this means to you - the buyer - is that we have the ability to acquire quality militaria from a number of sources, while maintaining a low overhead. That allows us to pass on some savings to you.

Der Freiwillige's goal is to offer you a line of quality, original, affordable militaria. We specialize in Third Reich items but will also offer US militaria, especially from the Civil War era. We concentrate on normal combat awards and items that will help new collectors build their collections or add items to seasoned collections.

"Der Freiwillige" translates from German as "the volunteer."

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